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Virtual Reality Training – Let’s do it!

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Rarely before has the way we learn developed as rapidly as in recent years. In interactive worlds, learning scenarios can now be experienced up close, complex concepts can be grasped in a playful way and skills can be trained in a completely new way. In virtual reality training, learning is more intensive and exciting than ever before.

And the best of all is that VR learning scenarios are not as complicated to develop and not as prohibitively expensive as you might think. With the authoring tool 3spin Learning, we transfer our many years of experience in the didactic structure of learning content, our expertise in storytelling and our extensive know-how in the visual design and modeling of these worlds to virtual reality.

Why VR-Training?

Six convincing reasons make VR training an extremely attractive and effective option:

#1: Advances in VR technology: The latest VR glasses are not only affordable, but also more powerful and user-friendly than ever before.

#2: Im LMS oder stand-alone: VR-Trainings können sowohl unabhängig genutzt als auch nahtlos in eine bestehende Lernkampagne integriert werden. Dank xAPI ist auch die Integration in gängige Lernmanagementsysteme, wie zum Beispiel eFront, mühelos möglich.

#3: In the LMS or stand-alone: VR training can be used independently or seamlessly integrated into an existing learning campaign. Thanks to xAPI, integration into common learning management systems such as eFront is also effortless.

#4. Improved learning outcomes: The immersive experience of VR environments has been proven to increase learner attention, motivation and engagement. This leads to more efficient and sustainable learning.

#5. Safety aspects: In a VR training course, dangerous situations are safely simulated without jeopardizing the actual safety of the trainees or risking damage to machines and equipment.

#6. Cost efficiency: VR training modules developed once can be used multiple times. This significantly reduces the overall cost of training over time, especially in companies with many employees or at different locations.

We are convinced that learning in virtual environments has incredible potential. Dive into immersive learning worlds and find out how you can improve your own skills and accelerate learning in a safe, controlled environment.

Interested in experiencing the “aha” effect for yourself?

Come and visit us in the clickandlearn lab and discover the world of virtual learning opportunities.


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