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Another lesson learned in Italy

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A strong team does not develop by itself, but through shared experiences and challenges. This is exactly why the clickandlearn clique traveled to Italy. The first stop was the exclusive Gustelier in Bolzano. A unique team-building experience awaited us there. Another lesson learned while cooking!

Cooking competition with a star chef

Under the expert guidance of star chef Herbert Hintner, we were divided into 8 teams and competed against each other in a cooking competition. The result? As well as learning how to create delicious meals from regional and seasonal ingredients, we also laughed heartily and enjoyed a delicious meal. The authenticity and warmth of Herbert and his son Daniel awakened our enthusiasm for cooking, and we gained valuable insights into how success is achieved in projects – through common goals, careful planning, continuous communication and craftsmanship.

Experience history

Our journey took us on to Verona, where we dived into the fascinating history of the city the next day. Our knowledgeable guide told us many stories about the more than 2,000-year-old city.

The exploration tour took us from Piazza Bra to the impressive Arena of Verona, one of the best-preserved amphitheaters from Roman times. We then strolled through the picturesque, marble-paved alleyways of the old town to Piazza Erbe with its many historic houses. Nearby, we discovered the famous Juliet’s House with its legendary balcony, which was added in the last century to boost tourism in the city.

Verona is a city that reflects different eras, from Roman times to the Dark Ages, from Venetian rule to the Habsburgs. Everywhere you stand, you are enchanted by the magnificent architecture and historic buildings.

Before heading back home, we enjoyed a few hours of dolce vita in Sirmione on Lake Garda.

Our company outing was a successful mix of culinary delights and historical discoveries. These shared experiences strengthened us as a team.

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