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eFront add-ons

Are the demands on your LMS eFront increasing? Do you want to use the system to instruct external companies and visitors, expand HR functions and need new features? With our eFront add-ons, you can expand the functional scope of eFront basic or eFront premium as required.

Get more out of eFront

The “Management of external companies” add-on, for example, gives external persons quick and easy access to the LMS eFront and its learning technologies. This means that training can also be completed on mobile devices.

With the “Development interview” add-on, you can map the entire workflow of an employee interview.

With the “Competence management” add-on, you can add skills and qualifications with levels and processes to eFront.

Do you welcome external personnel (e.g. assembly, transportation) or groups of visitors to your company premises and want to instruct them? Ideally, the training should take place in advance of the visit and you should use your existing LMS eFront for this.

This instruction could be an e-learning course in the LMS eFront. With the management of external companies add-on, external persons can quickly and easily access the LMS eFront and complete instructions on mobile devices.

Features of the eFront add-on for the management of external companies

  • Available in 42 languages
  • Company locations can be maintained in the backend
  • Start page can be customized for visitors
  • Registration/login form can be set up based on a role (visitor, supplier, service company, etc.)
  • Interface to physical access systems possible
  • Certificate with code: Porter scans the code and issues access ticket

Based on the general conditions such as language, location, reason for the visit, etc., the necessary digital instructions are automatically assigned to the user. Once the training has been successfully completed, the system automatically issues a certificate (with a validity period). The certificate contains, for example, a QR code with which the visitor can enter the premises. Interfaces to access systems have already been implemented for customers.

This means that a visitor can complete the instruction in advance or before entering the site at a terminal at the porter or gate.

In addition to classic LMS functions, eFront also has HR in its portfolio. The eFront development interview add-on includes the complete workflow for mapping the employee interview with a review of the previous year’s agreements, self-assessment by the employee, evaluation by the manager, agreements and topics for the next year and the resulting development measures, including confirmation and documentation functions.

The assignment of manager to employee is based on the organizational structure mapped in eFront.

Features of Add-on Development interview

  • Start of the process by manager or HR
  • Definition of deadlines
  • Dashboard for employees and managers with an overview of the defined steps and the current status
  • Definition of any number of steps with forms and questions incl. confirmation function, e.g. employee self-evaluation, evaluation of own manager by employee, etc.
  • Forms incl. print function (employee and manager preparation form)
  • Notifications: Reminder to employee and manager, evaluation completed by employee, evaluation completed by manager, invitation to interview, request for additional feedback provider
  • Activation logic for visibility of evaluations
  • Aggregated individual feedback to manager
  • Linking the measures with courses from the course catalog
Mitarbeitergespräch mit eFront

Our eFront Skills Management premium add-on enables you to manage your employees’ qualifications easily and effectively. With our solution, you can assign qualifications to different configurable levels and give them an expiration date.

You can also assign qualifications to a specific person and store a date on which they were acquired. Linking qualifications to courses and jobs improves clarity and makes employee training more targeted.

A report with a filter function is available for managers, which displays all relevant information at a glance. We are happy to program tailor-made reports according to your individual requirements. This gives you control over the qualifications of your employees at all times and allows you to take targeted measures to expand the skills in your company.