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lessons learned

You never stop learning. As a leading e-learning company with more than 300 customers and 25 years of experience, we can tell you a thing or two about it. At clickandlearn, you get everything from a single source – from consulting to the LMS to content development.

How we

Thinking up something and brooding over it is great. It’s even better to put it into practice. At clickandlearn, theory and practice are always combined.

Still under our old name “Telelernen”, we cooperated with the AMS Upper Austria in 1999. We distributed 100 laptops with modems for learning at home. This is now known internationally as “blended learning” and was an absolute innovation at the time.

Of our 79 organs, the brain is the richest in fat. And it needs to be constantly fed. With us, it receives new nourishment every day in the form of varied tasks and new challenges.

For us, social and professional competence go hand in hand. Even if one sometimes pulls more than the other: With us, they usually go hand in hand, just like the good old school pairs used to …

clickandlearn is based in the time-honored walls of the Petrinum, a private school in Linz. With high-ceilinged rooms, a view of the green belt, modern equipment and flair, our 700 m2 office offers plenty of space to develop.

After school, we work intensively, voluntarily and passionately on the subject of learning! What sounds like a pipe dream is now a reality for almost 40 clickandlearners. After all, learning is now preceded by an E and that suits it well.

Mistakes can happen. Whether you learn from them depends on how you deal with them. We also see mistakes as an opportunity for further development. A constructive approach and a positive feedback culture help with this.

This love affair gave rise to Pegasus, the name-giver of the award, which honors the most successful companies in Upper Austria. We won this trophy in 2019 in the “Innovation Kaiser” category.

In order to be wide awake for our customers and fit for our tasks, we use effective methods. In addition to fresh fruit every day, the Jura and the best beans are a must.

We will leave it at this point with this aphorism.

Whether it’s during the short or long break; whether it’s something you’ve brought in, freshly cooked or ordered: eating and enjoying food are key subjects for us – eating together is an important ritual.

Advantage 1: You don’t have to keep remembering new names.
Advantage 2: You already know other people’s quirks and don’t have to get used to them.
Advantage 3: People already know your quirks – stay as you are, you’re great!

Larks, owls and other oddballs feel equally at home at clickandlearn: thanks to flexitime without core hours, they can work between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. at their own biorhythms.

Yes, it could. Working at clickandlearn means discovering a lot of new things, even outside the office – on business trips, at trade fairs, or during content creation. Aha moments are guaranteed. Always learning something new!

We don’t just have clicks, we also have tricks up our sleeve. For example, during our sports breaks in the green park. We like to do them in between – after all, a healthy mind can’t always sit.