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learning campaign

Do you want to anchor learning content and knowledge sustainably? Are you thinking about how learners engage with the topics and how they can reach them emotionally? Are you planning a learning campaign?

clickandlearn has been successfully implementing e-learning campaigns for years. Let’s create your own learning campaign together from various building blocks – an emotional learning journey for your target group.

So what is a learning campaign?

A learning campaign is an overall strategy that achieves a learning objective with several coordinated actions.

Campaigns can be e-learning concepts or blended learning concepts that consist of digital components such as interactive videos, web-based training, microlearning or podcasts in addition to classroom training. Folders, one-pagers, giveaways etc. are an important haptic supplement. We also don’t forget the accompanying communication, a key success factor of a learning campaign.

With this modular system, everyone can create their own learning world – with individual modules or as a campaign. The best conditions for a successful learning journey.

WBT Classic Learning Experiences are interactive learning experiences that inspire through multimedia.

Animations, interactions, audio and video elements, teaser or explanatory video sequences, quizzes, levels – there are no limits here.

Interested in learning more about passwords?

Our “WBT Passwörter” part of a learning campaign on Cyber Security.


We are convinced that learning in virtual environments offers incredible potential. Through immersive learning, learners are immersed in a realistic, interactive environment and can experience realistic situations in a safe and controlled environment. This improves their own skills and accelerates learning.

Virtual reality enables the training of complex and dangerous actions, the simulation of the operation of machines or systems and access to dangerous or distant spaces – the application possibilities are almost endless!


Scrolling Experiences convey the feeling of an interactive blog, offering a modern learning option that is 100% responsive.

A variety of interactions such as sliders, carousels, accordions, tabs, hotspots, processes, scenarios, drag & drop, flashcards or knowledge checks keep learning motivation high.

Want a taste?

This WBT Cyber-Angriffe is part of a cyber security learning campaign.


coming soon

Videos get to the heart of important facts. We work either with illustrated explanatory videos or with real videos – enriched with 2D graphics and animation.

In comic style, the palette ranges from ready-made templates to hand-drawn scenarios in your corporate design. Especially in comic style, humor is not neglected and learning is fun.

Our explanatory video “Sicheres Passwort” is also a component of the cyber security learning campaign.



Microlearning is a learning method in which compact and targeted learning content is taught in small units, e.g. on flashcards.

The benefits of our microlearning tool TalentCards:

  • Free app – invitations to card sets can be sent by e-mail, SMS and QR code.
  • A set of cards can be completed in just a few minutes, as the card sets are short and concise.
  • Gamification motivates and is an integral part of TalentCards.
  • The card sets can be created quickly and delivered to the target group. clickandlearn is happy to support you in content creation.
  • Push messages are seen by the learners. They can be automated in the administration.
  • Reporting is available at a high level.

Podcasts on specialist topics provide real added value as a supplement to the learning journey.

They are uncomplicated to produce and highly flexible to use, making them a cost-effective source of knowledge to go for your target group.


In an interactive video, learners can take different paths through the real video; we work with decision scenarios. Depending on the performance (e.g. points system), the video has different outcomes. The learners are emotionally involved by the real video with captivating sound design.

Learners master different scenario-based situations, receive feedback and thus train the correct behavior. Everything is possible, from simple dialog situations to simulating a robbery.


Blended learning is the best of both worlds, a combination of classroom training and e-learning.

In collaboration with you, we create professional blended learning concepts with a clear focus on the learners, as we know the success factors for better motivation based on a well-thought-out learning design.

User-generated content is when learners create and share learning content themselves.

A very exciting idea for learning campaigns, we think, because learners take an active role in the learning process. Communities of practice help each other, exchange ideas and thus learn together.

It’s not just children who like to play, adults love challenges too.

We take advantage of this and set learners a task to solve alone or in a group as part of the Learning Journey.

From a simple quiz to a virtual scavenger hunt through the company in the Onboarding Journey or the submission of ideas for optimizing a workflow with a final award ceremony to the creation of short USP videos in the Learning Journey for budding sales professionals – we have plenty of ideas.

Under the slogan “Full Service”, we complement your digital learning media with highly professional print or digital media.

One-pagers, folders, flyers, intro or teaser videos, digital postcards, life-size cardboard figures, giveaways and much more bridge the gap between the digital and the real world. Tangible knowledge.

How can a learning campaign be developed?

We not only support you with advice, concepts, workshops and customized solutions, but also implement the content for you. All from a single source.

Curious? We are pleased to advise you!