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eFront premium

Our LMS eFront premium covers everything from e-learning and event management to skills management and boasts a wide range of functions – a real wonder wizard, customizable to your processes and requirements.

HR as another eFront skill.

In addition to classic LMS functions, eFront also has HR in its portfolio, for example employee development interviews or skills and competence management.

  • User-friendly

    Fantastic learning experiences for your target group on any device thanks to a mobile-first approach and intuitive design.

  • 100% of your requirements

    eFront premium is your customized LMS that is individually adapted to your requirements.

  • Flexibel

    With eFront Premium, you get maximum flexibility thanks to add-ons and components that can gradually expand the range of functions.

  • License flexibility

    Thanks to two different license models, the system can grow with your requirements.

  • Secure and GDPR-compliant

    You can either operate eFront Premium in-house or we can host your system in a certified German data center in compliance with the GDPR.

  • Success Coach

    Your clickandlearn Success Coach accompanies you during the implementation and makes you fit for the system.

eFront premium is an upgrade from eFront basic. You also receive the following features:

Multifunctional and role-based

Widgets for news, courses, calendars, reports or gamification can be placed individually, adjusted in size and configured for different roles.

This means that unfinished courses or compulsory courses, course recommendations and booked appointments can be prominently displayed. Managers have both their courses and employee reporting on the dashboard.

Target group-specific and configurable

Definable filters such as highlight courses, new courses, courses with approval, unbooked courses or courses in a specific period can be expanded as required using categories and tag-based filters.


Schedule management

Everything at a glance: Upcoming, uncompleted, canceled and completed training courses – with one click directly to the appointment details including attendance.

Cancellation workflow

Participants or admins can specify reasons for course or appointment cancellations. Cancellation reasons can be defined in the backend. The cancellation list gives the admin role an overview.

Attendance list

Admin and trainer can download participant or signature lists. Attendance can be confirmed directly in the system by the trainer role.


Levels and expiration date

Our Skills Management premium makes it possible to manage your employees’ qualifications easily and effectively. With our solution, you can assign qualifications to different configurable levels and give them an expiration date.

You can also assign qualifications to a specific person and store a date on which they were acquired. Linking qualifications to courses and jobs improves clarity and makes employee training more targeted.


A report with a filter function is available for managers, which displays all relevant information at a glance. We are happy to program tailor-made reports according to your individual requirements. This gives you control over the qualifications of your employees at all times and allows you to take targeted measures to expand the skills in your company.

For managers

The matrix report uses a traffic light system to show whether an employee has completed or not yet started a course, or is currently working on one. Certificate processes are also documented.

Individually programmable

Your reporting requirements cannot be covered by the standard reports? No problem, we can customize your report.

Escalation processes

Configuration of reminder notifications for mandatory courses after defined periods for courses that have not been completed.

Individual notifications

Different notifications based on different courses or organizational units are possible, as are cc recipients or the sending of appointment entries.

Notifications with added value

The admin is informed if a place becomes free due to a cancellation or if the minimum number of participants for the appointment is not reached. The template set can be customized and expanded.

eFront premium
Range of functions

  • E-Learning / Blended Learning
    • Combining courses into course series
    • Reusable course modules
    • Reusable course resources
    • Combination of learning modules and classroom modules
    • Learning paths
    • Schedule management
    • Management of locations / rooms
    • Target group-specific course catalogs
    • Extended course catalog with highlighting of new courses, category colors, additional filter option (free of charge / subject to charge)
    • Integrate content with drag & drop
    • Integrated HTML5 authoring tool (H5P)
    • Tests and tasks
    • Assessment test
    • Skill gap tests
    • Search function
    • Content versioning of learning pages (editor)
    • SCORM und Tin Can API (xAPI)
    • Specification of course prerequisites (e.g. specific qualifications)
    • Certificates / confirmations of participation with validity period
    • Gamification (points, badges, leaderboard, levels)
    • Offline courses via app
    • Course evaluation
    • OpenSesame Marketplace integration
  • Dashboards
    • Role-based, configurable dashboards with a variety of widgets
  • Event management
    • Management of face-to-face events
    • Multiple dates for individual training courses
    • Special booking workflows
    • Cancellation workflow with cancellation list and options/reasons
    • Lists of interested parties / needs assessment
    • Specification of certain “characteristics” when booking face-to-face courses
    • Registration list with filter option
    • Multi-stage approval processes
    • Manual waiting list
    • Waiting list management (notifications, moving up etc.)
    • Store files for each date
    • Reservation of places
    • Management of participant and signature lists
    • Additional automatic notifications (per OU, per course, incl. appointment entries, CC recipients, escalation processes, event- and cronjob-based, additional placeholders, easily expandable)
    • Rule-based definition of target groups
    • Application for external courses
    • GTC management (terms of use) per organizational unit
  • Communication
    • Mail, Forum, Calendar, News
    • Feedback / Surveys
    • Event-based notifications
    • Web conferencing integration GoToMeeting / Webinar / Training, Zoom, BigBlueButton
    • Web conferencing integration WebEx and MS Teams
    • Web conferencing integration Adobe Connect, Vitero
    • Comments on content, bookmarks
    • Announcements
  • Administration
    • Easy list import / export
    • Automated import / export processes
    • Expandable data fields for users and courses
    • Expandable data fields for organizational units, locations and dates
    • Individual user roles
    • Multilingualism
    • Archiving function
    • Single sign-on (SAML 2.0, LDAP, OpenID Connect)
    • 2-factor authentication
    • Multi-client capability
    • Batch processes
  • Reporting
    • User, course and system reports
    • Test reports
    • Time-related reports
    • Participation and certificate reports
    • Export function for reports
    • Report subscription
    • Audit log (user log)
    • Generator for user-defined reports
    • Matrix report
    • Infographics
    • Extended reports (for event management)
  • Organisationsfunktionen
    • Organizational units linear by default
    • Organizational units more complex adjustable, hierarchical
    • Jobs / activities
    • Qualifications / competencies
    • Groups
    • Target groups
    • One-step approval workflow
    • Criteria-based, automated course assignment
  • Customizability
    • Design (simple design editor and CSS / Java script)
    • Design (advanced customization options)
    • Wording
    • Certificate templates
    • Individual portal pages
  • E-Commerce
    • Shopping cart booking workflow
    • Payment gateways
    • Budgets / Balance list
    • Price models
    • Basic billing functions