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Virtual Reality in e-Learning: e-Learning Community Event

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Ready for a learning experience that pushes all boundaries? On October 11, 2023 from 13:00 to 15:00 we discover the exciting world of virtual reality in e-learning. In this e-learning community event by clickandlearn, we showed how VR training is revolutionizing the educational landscape.

Virtual Reality in e-Learning

In our webinar for our customers, we immersed them in interactive worlds in which learning scenarios can be experienced first-hand, complex concepts can be grasped through play and skills can be honed in a completely new way. We showed that learning can be more intense and exciting than ever before.

And the best of all is that VR learning scenarios are not as complicated to develop and not as prohibitively expensive as you might think. We have shown you what options are available and what you need to bear in mind.

Why should you use virtual reality for training?

We are convinced that learning in virtual environments offers incredible potential. Through immersive learning, learners are immersed in a realistic, interactive environment and can experience realistic situations in a safe and controlled environment. This improves their skills and accelerates learning.

Virtual Reality im E-Learning

These were our speakers:

  • Stefan Berndorfer, VR-Experte von clickandlearn
  • Michael Doppringer, Projektleiter VR-Projekte bei clickandlearn

E-Learning Community Event

We were very excited about our first e-learning community event. In this format, we tackled top topics in e-learning and started with

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